3000 visitors

200 exhibitors

amount $ 1,630,000.00

ABU DHABI is at the heart of the oil and gas industry and GFI has played a significant role in positioning Abu Dhabi as a key destination for this sector. With UAE holding the world’s sixth largest oil reserves, the country remains one of the world’s most reliable producers and exporters of crude oil.

There are more 1,000 companies working on oil and gas or related business in UAE, so as the very important products in oil and gas mining and transporting, there is a big potential market and large demand of Pumps, Valves, Pipes and Compressors. Many of the well-known companies in industry got branch companies or offices in Abu Dhabi which makes very good exhibitors basis.

New and intellectual cultural programs attracted an overwhelming number of visitors from the UAE, giving international exhibitors an indication of the potential of this market and the opportunities waiting to be tapped. The convenient traffic makes the countries in the Middle East and north Africa easier and more efficient connection with us.